Welcome to the Ghiladi Research Group

Pictured above (from left to right): Ashlyn McGuire, David Alvarado (MS ’17), Nikolette McCombs (PhD ’17), Leiah Carey (PhD ’17), Dr. Leanna Robbins (PD), Kevin Stoll (MS ’17), Prof. Reza Ghiladi.

Porphyrins and related tetrapyrrole macrocycles play a number of important roles spanning biology, medicine, molecular electronics, and organic geochemistry. These include their use as prosthetic cofactors in proteins such as hemoglobin and the cytochrome P450s, as the basis for the chlorophyll pigments in phototsystems I and II, and as photosensitizers for anticancer photodynamic therapy, to name a few. In the Ghiladi lab, we are interested in both i) the fundamental properties of porphyrins that enable biocatalytic transformations in multifunctional heme enzymes, and ii) their applications as the basis for potent, photoactive antimicrobial materials.