Welcome to the Ghiladi Research Group

Pictured above (from L to R): Parisa Sadrpour, Talita Malewschik, Jihye Kang, Aleaha Schenck-Pratt, Chenyu Jiang, Prof. Reza Ghiladi, Ashlyn McGuire, Jessica Gonzalez, Jesse Dong, Alexandra Pettit

The Ghiladi research group provides a dynamic interdisciplinary environment for graduate students and postdocs to increase their training at the chemistry/biology interface. Research efforts include i) identifying metalloprotein structure-function relationships in multifunctional hemoproteins including Dehaloperoxidase (DHP)  – the first identified multifunctional catalytic globin, and ii) the development of next-generation antimicrobial materials based on antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation and “pH-drop” strategies.


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